G: Connect Toolkit

Behavioural experiments involve testing an intervention and analysing the changes in behaviour that have occured. This requires the careful collection, storage, cleaning and analysis of data. The use of digital tools to deliver the experiments makes data collection easier and more cost efficient. To support the delivery of experiments and the gathering of data, ABE:Lab has partnered with the Centre of Digital Excellence (C0DE) team at Genesis Analytics to offer G:Connect, a digital toolkit. This suite of digital tools supports the gathering, analysing and visualising of data to enhance our clients' ability to make decisions and deliver impact where they work.

The Centre of Digital Excellence (C0DE) at Genesis Analytics is a multidisciplinary team that focuses on technology innovation and the opportunities it provides for drastically improving the development potential of African nations. We are a team of product solutionists, computer scientists, data analysts, and economists that support behaviour change experiments with digital solutions and tools for analysing data trends.

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G:Connect Offers:

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Big Data Analysis

G:Connect allows for a better understanding of target customers/beneficiaries through the analysis of information such as transaction data, demographics, quiz scores, location, or platform engagement data. The team works with structured and unstructured data and uses AI, machine learning, natural language processing, and GIS mapping to derive meaning from the data. The analysis of experiment data is supported by cleaning and organising of the collected randomised control trial data and running the required regressions.