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Behavioural economics is a powerful field that combines economics and psychology to influence behaviour and improve decision-making for the better through low-cost, high-impact, easy-to-implement interventions.

Genesis Analytics created the first team of consultants in Africa in 2014 to use a scientific understanding of human behaviour to solve practical problems in the world of business.

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image of Journey mapping to identify points of friction and ease

Journey mapping to identify points of friction and ease

Our team will visually map out your customer’s journey from initial contact through to engagement and end usage. The aim of this is to understand the customer’s experience and decision making points whilst engaging with your product/service offered. This allows for points of ease and friction to be identified and a comprehensive view of the motivations and behaviours that drive experienced outcomes. The focus will heavily lean towards points in the journey in which a customer makes a decision and the prevailing behavioural biases and heuristics will be highlighted at each point. Strategies and suggested changes along the customer journey will be provided with the aim of moving closer to the desired behavioural outcome. Scaling or extending ease points along the journey and mitigating or reducing friction points are essential to achieving a better customer experience and higher engagement with your product or service.