Community Collaboration

Calling all budding behavioural scientists and problem solving enthusiasts:

We invite you to join our collaborative community in which we help each other find behavioural solutions to businesses most pressing problems.

community collaboration

In our community, you can be whoever you want to be

Problem Poser

Are you looking to better understand an aspect of behavioural economic theory? Do you have a business challenge related to your consumer behaviour which you would like to crowdsource a solution for?
Are you looking to grow your network and meet with like minded behavioural enthusiasts?
Then why not join our community and start a conversation on our community collaboration page or book a rapid consult to see how we can help guide your questions!

Problem Solver

Do you love sharing knowledge?
Are you passionate about behaviour change and want the opportunity to apply your knowledge to solve real-life challenges?
Would you like to debate which behavioural economic technique is most effective in a situation?
Then join our community today for the opportunity to showcase your expertise and engage with like-minded behavioural enthusiasts?
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What happens in our community?

Anyone can post a problem or question to the community

Anyone can offer a solution in the form of a

Simple paragraph

Detailed materials you attach to your document

A full project pitch to be in collaboration with Genesis Analytics Applied Behavioural Economics Team

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